Welcome to the website of Euro Companies!

We are here to help you in process of your business expansion and immigration to Europe! Our team of professionals with extensive experience and outstanding expertise in such areas of business as corporate law, international taxation for individuals and corporate establishments, will be glad to service you in the Netherlands!

Euro Companies will help you to accelerate the process of establishing your business in the Netherlands, provide you with expert tax advice and accounting services, provide your company with a facilitated office located in the very heart of the Amsterdam business district! We will help you to increase the speed and efficiency of your business expansion, and make the set-up of your business process prompt, clear and easy for you!
Welcome to the Netherlands.

Our Services

We deliver the client the best service possible, even when we need to sacrifice things for ourselves!


Register your Dutch BV company within 1 day in case of personal presence with help of Euro Companies!


Make sure that your (future) company has the right workings space in one of the main business hubs of Europe.


The NFIA supported already over 4000 midsized and large companies with their start up in the Netherlands.

Why Choose Euro Companies?

Euro companies facilitates the Dutch company formation in the shortest possible time for all persons that want to start a business in The Netherlands, and Amsterdam as one of the main hubs in Europe in particular.

What You Can Expect From Us?

  • Most of the time we are accessible 24/7. We guarantee the reply within 24 hours from your initial contact.
  • We are aware of the worldwide time zones, and take it into account while servicing our clients.
  • We present our services in a prompt manner and on affordable and transparent prices. We believe that surprices should be only pleasant, that is why there are no hidden fees.
  • Our goals are closely related to yours, that is why our professionals will provide the requested services in the best way you can think of.
  • We work for our reputation, and our reputation works for us – that is why we inform you completely, in clear and comprehensible manner. Each step within the process is communicated to you.

About Us

Euro Companies is formed of smart, capable and experienced network of professionals. We try to do our best for our clients. Our expert people can find the best solutions regarding your conditions. We are there for you when it starts to be difficult.Try to do our best for the clients. Being there when they need us and to be available at any time. We understand the differences in time zones and cultures.