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Legal Advice by Euro Companies network of professionals

Euro Companies presents legal advice prepared by the network of English-speaking (Multilingual) lawyers with extensive expertise in various fields of law to all internationals coming to the Netherlands. We provide legal services for the companies of any size and complexity and entrepreneurs who want to start their business activities particularly on Dutch soil as well as in Europe and are ready and willing to assist our clients at any time!

Our goal is to avoid any legal issues or in cases where our clients approach us with the legal problem to solve it in a best way within the shortest time possible. We make our best effort for you to run a successful business in the Netherlands and the whole Europe in accordance with legal requirements that are in fores.

Corporate law

Euro Companies is glad to provide the legal services on company law matters to managers and entrepreneurs from coming to the Netherlands and planning to expand their corporate business into Europe.

Insolvency law

Insolvency is already an issue. Let Euro Companies provide the assistance in case of insolvency in order to minimize the negative outcome.

Employment law

Dutch employment law may be complicated for foreign entrepreneurs and sometimes even for Dutch employers. Euro Companies helps you to make the things easier.

Intellectual property law

Knowledge is the power! Let us make you more powerful by providing you with the best solutions in cases where intellectual property law is involved.

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