Business Immigration to Netherlands

Choose Euro Companies for Business Immigration to Netherlands in the shortest possible time. We provide assistance in processes of applications for residence and work permit applications in various situations of Business immigration. We have all the relevant knowledge in order to make your applications as quick as possible

Dutch BV incorporation
Euro companies facilitate the Dutch company formation in the short possible time for all people who wants to start a business in Netherlands as the hub of Europe
Registered office in Amsterdam
Euro companies provide for you a fully equipped office space which you can work there in peace of mind or a registered address in Amsterdam for your postal Services
Euro companies provide advance secretarial services in corporate housekeeping, contract management drafting shareholder and board resolutions to help your new business
Fees Dutch IND
Euro companies is responsible to pay all immigration fees of IND(Immigration and Naturalisation Service)for maximum 2 adults and 2 minor children in this package for you
Business Plan Dutch Market
Euro companies help you by providing a professional Business plan to enter successfully in Dutch market. We considering the business market of Netherlands to help you
Fees Dutch IND
Euro companies is responsible to pay all immigration fees of IND(Immigration and Naturalisation Service)for maximum 2 adults and 2 minor children in this package for you

Immigration to Netherlands for foreign owners of Dutch companies

If you planned your business expansion to the Netherlands and want to establish your company to live and work here – Euro companies are ready to use our expertise to guide you through the whole process! We will do our best to turn your settling down on Dutch soil into a quick and pleasant experience!
As a foreigner businessman, you are able to resort to a well-working mechanism of immigration process that is associated with application for Self employed permit status.
Perspective businessmen from all around the world can establish a Dutch BV and then apply for such status. The Immigration and Naturalisation Services department (IND) has a specific point scoring system that contains three categories with at least 30 points out of 100 to be scored in each category:
- Personal experience:
Here, such aspects as university degrees achieved, relevant work/entrepreneur experience, subsequent salary for last 12 months, experience in dealing with Dutch customers/partners etc. are taken into account.
- Business plan:
The specific business plan for purposes of immigration should be drafter in order to score the points in this section. This very specific document that should be drafted by the professionals contains significantly more information that standard business plans. We are delighted to introduce you to one of the top two best business planners in the Netherlands! On basis of your input and in cooperation with our professional, business plan for immigration purpose can be compiled and drafted in a really short time.
- Added value to the Dutch community as a whole:
In this section, the overall investment and creation of full time employment positions are taken into account, as well as some other factors.
What may seem to be a long-lasting and complex process in case being faced by the client on his own, becomes clear, quick and pleasant with the assistance provided by Euro-companies! We are glad to pick you up in the very first stage of a process, think together with you in order to achieve the ultimate goal that you have and even optimise your initial idea of setting up the business in the Netherlands so that company formation and immigration process is as effective and as short as possible!
After the application is well-prepared and submitted to the authorities, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs will review the application and make a decision regarding the application. The making of decision could take approximately 3 to 7 months.

Special Offer! Euro Companies Business Immigration Package: € 10995

Interested in starting your business in the Netherlands and living there with your family? We have a special package which includes:

Dutch BV incorporation

Registered office in Amsterdam

Secretarial services for 1 year

Business plan for immigration purposes

IND Fees

Immigration for a family of 4

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