Set up Dutch BV Company

Starting Dutch Limited Liability Company these days is one of the most preferred company type among entrepreneurs. Dutch limited liability company, also known as BV (Besloten Vennootschap) is the most universal and at the same time – the most convenient mode of incorporation. It is similar to English Limited, American Limited Liability Company, Belgian BVBA (SPRL) or German GmbH.

Dutch BV incorporation
Euro companies facilitate the Dutch company formation in the short possible time for all people who wants to start a business in Netherlands as the hub of Europe .
Registered office in Amsterdam
Euro companies provide for you a fully equipped office space which you can work there in peace of mind or a registered address in Amsterdam for your postal Services
Secretarial Services
Euro companies provide advance secretarial services in corporate housekeeping, contract management drafting shareholder and board resolutions to help your new business

Dutch company registration

Time is money, and we at Euro companies know it. That is exactly why we have developed such system which allows you to complete the registration of your Dutch BV within the same day that you arrive to our office!
The benefits of Dutch BV in comparison to other jurisdictions in Europe include:
        - The reduced amount of minimum share capital: only €1 is needed to make your company fully operational;
        - Possibility to register a company remotely and with personal presence;
        - Where you decide to choose the services provided by Euro companies – the time of incorporation: the company can be registered within one day, and application for bank account could be done the same very day in case of personal presence; in case of remote incorporation – the incorporation could be finalised within 48 hours after we receive all the required documents from you
        - Flat corporate income tax for Dutch BV (20% on taxable profits up to €200 000 and 25% on profits exceeding that amount, which will gradually be reduced till 2021 to 15% and 20,5% respectively);
        - 30% ruling – a unique Dutch facility that allows foreign directors of Dutch BV to have 30% of their salary absolutely tax-free!
        - Overall commodity of doing business for foreigners: high level of collaboration on part of Dutch authorities and governmental entities. Everybody is able and ready to talk to you in English.

For the incorporation of Dutch BV with you as a single shareholder/director, you need only your passport or ID and proof of address. You have these documents already? Splendid! We are glad to welcome you in our office and are looking forward to finalising the process!
Where you have more questions, or where you have decided to proceed with incorporation – please contact us directly!

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