Intellectual property Law

Trademarks, copyrights, exclusive rights to designs – there are so many of them in the area of Intellectual Property Law. In the age of IT and media technologies, it becomes increasingly important to protect the exclusive rights that you have towards the product that you have created.

Sometimes it is really not clear where to start or what to start with when a person or a company wants to protect their rights towards the product. For us as for a team of professionals, not only starting point is clear; we see the goal that is the most desirable for you, as well as the path that will lead you to this goal.
We assist our clients in various aspects of IP rights law, and advice on the measures and processes in order to protect (the design of) products, services and to take anti-infringement steps where needed. Advertising law, Data Protection and Privacy Compliance, Brand and Design protection – we are glad to assist you in these and many more areas!

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